The mission of the BEAD Core is to provide research support services that promote, strengthen and expand the research of Johns Hopkins University faculty so that we remain one of the top interdisciplinary research institutions focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals, families and the communities they live in. Our Core values are integrity, excellence, sustainability, and collaboration through team-science. With these values in mind, we’ve created a service-based model that is responsive, efficient, and focused on a mentored support structure.


  • Eligibility: Full-time faculty members of sponsored depts./units receive 20 free hours plus 20 free grant hours plus 20 hours for each post-doctoral trainee (Fellows and Residents) for each fiscal year. The BEAD Core also provides direct fee-for-service work to all other full time faculty members and their post-doctoral trainees, as well as external clients.
    • Faculty members eligible for supported hours include full time faculty members and their post-doctoral trainees from the Department of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics (including full time JHBCC Surgery Faculty) or faculty with a primary office at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.
    • Post-doctoral trainees (Fellows and Residents) must be accompanied by their primary faculty mentor to the first consult and must stay engaged in the work to the end.  If at any time, the primary faculty member disengages, the BEAD Core reserves the right to discontinue the BEAD Core services. (Exception: Trainees are not eligible for free hours for EPIC data extractions, these must be conducted under the primary faculty member).
    • Collaborating faculty members (i.e. Co-Investigators) may pool their hours for a project and a project spanning multiple years may take advantage of each 20 free hour aliquot annually.  Pooling of trainee hours under a faculty member are not permitted, unless the trainee has a specific role and/or is specifically a collaborating member of the team.
  • Turnaround: Intake forms should be completed a month before the project deadline. No request is taken with less than a 14 business day turnaround for a deadline and we reserve the right to reject a short time turn around. 
  • Quotes: Quotes must be signed and returned within 2 weeks. If work is expected to go beyond what is listed in the quote, clients will be informed in a timely manner.
  • Invoices: Invoices must be signed and returned within 30 days.
  • Co-authorship: If a BEAD Core members’ contribution (typically lead) rises to the level of a scientific contribution on a manuscript or other scholarly product, it is expected the member will be included as a co-author.
  • Grant effort: We welcome having BEAD Core members’ written into grants for effort. This effort should be reviewed with the Director and once funded, the Director reserves the right to reallocate the % efforts based on core needs if necessary.
  • Communication: In the case that a BEAD Core analyst is assigned to a client’s project, clients cannot have one-on-one communication with the analyst. The BEAD Core lead will be the client’s primary point of contact.
  • Marketing: The Director (and when needed Scientific Associate Directors) will provide marketing presentations to inform, educate and engage our client base, i.e. faculty investigators and their trainees as well as leadership.


  • Respect for intellectual curiosity and all forms of knowledge and inquiry.
  • Integrity in our work ethic and, services provision and in our professional performance.
  • Creativity and flexibilityin our approach and dedication to innovative solutions, practices and services.
  • Approachabilityof our team, accessibility and engagement with the clients we serve.
  • Communicationwith consistency, clarity and professionalism.
  • Team sciencewith experts from multiple disciplines and training backgrounds.
  • Commitment and dedicationto personal and professional development of clients and our team.