The mission of the BEAD Core is to provide research support services that promote, strengthen and expand the research of Johns Hopkins University faculty so that we remain one of the top interdisciplinary research institutions focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals, families and the communities they live in. Our Core values are integrity, excellence, sustainability, and collaboration through team-science. With these values in mind, we’ve created a service-based model that is responsive, efficient, and focused on a mentored support structure.

Sign Up For Services

To request BEAD Core services, please follow these steps:

  1. Click here to sign-up/login to your iLab account. Researchers at Johns Hopkins can use their JHED id, but external users can sign up as well.
  2. Type BEAD into “search cores and services”
  3. Click on “Biostatistics, Epidemiology And Data Management (BEAD) Core”
  4. Click on the “Request Services Here” tab
  5. Click on the “request service” button
  6. Fill out the intake form provided and click “submit to core”

After submitting your intake form, you will hear from a member of our team within 48 hours. From there, we will work to set you up with a faculty lead and schedule an initial consult appointment. If you have any questions about signing up for BEAD services, please email



Johns Hopkins has recently implemented iLab Solutions, a web-based core management program which allows researchers to navigate through cores more efficiently. If you would like to learn more about the implementation of iLab Solutions at Johns Hopkins, click here.